Information for Lawyers

Ensure your clients are making the right decisions

Your great work has resulted in a TPD claim being approved for your client.  Before you send out the superannuation withdrawal form to your client, make sure they understand their options – this withdrawal could cause significant tax, Centrelink and other financial consequences that all your clients need to understand.

We work with many law firms around Australia to make sure their client understands their benefit and their options.

Law firms we work with:

  • Maurice Blackburn
  • Slater & Gordon
  • Berrill & Watson
  • Carroll & O’Dea
  • Compensation Partners Lawyers
  • Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Plus many more

Our initial service is called our TPD Assessment Service which will provide your client with a written report and a phone consultation which will cover the following areas:

  • Their situation and options available
  • An estimate of tax payable on withdrawal
  • Explanation of Centrelink impacts and calculations if relevant
  • Further financial consequences such as impacts to child support, government housing, bankruptcy
  • Assistance in completing their withdrawal form & payment of legal fees
    What happens next

Further Services

Our initial service is to ensure your clients understand their benefit and options. For those who require further assistance, we can provide financial advice and other support services to your client.

We are also able to refer to a range of trusted professionals and further support services to help assist your clients.

Why Us?

TPD is what we do.

Most TPD insurance claimants don’t need a financial adviser, they need to understand their benefit and options.

TPD claims paid via superannuation have very unique financial consequences. Whether your clients make a full withdrawal or leave funds in super it is vital they understand the financial consequences of their dictions. We have a high level of expertise in this area and can ensure your clients make good decisions.

Our service is tailored for all TPD insurance claimants, not just those with high value payouts.